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Hey, let’s put on some music!

– Do you wanna check my playlist?

– What’s this? A funeral? Let’s party … and other variations – are the most common phrases at a party according to PartyMaker Statistics Bureau! So let’s see what it takes to have


at your event!

In the complex hierarchy of Party Music there are three main layers:

  1. Live Band

Live bands are great. If you have a band for your party you need to choose the party playlist together with them:

  • Usually, live bands have sets of playlists you can choose from depending on a theme, mood and age groups of the guests. We always recommend raising the tempo gradually especially if you have dinner and dance after that.
  • If you have special requests let the band know in advance so they could prepare. If a song completely out of their scope, they might refuse or take additional charge for the rehearsal time and that’s ok. For example, if an Italian Wedding Band is requested to cover Dua Lipa or Beyonce, they might sweat a bit over it for several hours of rehearsals.

PartyMaker hack:  if you know your guests’ tastes well and have additional time and money, ask the band to prepare 3-4 special songs for your guests. Trust us, they will talk about your party for another year.

Party playlist
Photo credit: High On Heels


2. Disk Jockey

A DJ is the playlist king.

 DJ’s either play only one type of music e.g. House, Jazz, Hip Hop and it’s clear they won’t play anything else or it’s clearly stated that they play popular commercial music. A good DJ knows his craft and feels the crowd so we’d recommend discussing the programme of the event and your overall expectations about the mood and the event. Same as with a live band, make sure to send any special requests in advance – bonus here: no extra charge 🙂

Best Party playlist


3. DJ Yourself

Unleash your creativity.

If you or your friend is responsible for the music it doesn’t mean the overall mood should be worse than if having a band or a DJ. The Key is the prep time – just like Batman (ask your kid).

The easiest way is Spotify and YouTube as these services have thousands of ready playlists for any occasion. You just need to type into the search: House Party, Hip Hop, Disco and etc. and go to the playlist section.

If you have a subscription with Spotify it’s ads free but with YouTube there is no way to avoid the ads in the UK.

If you have some time you could create your own playlists from the existing songs and videos like we did on YouTube :

Kids Party playlist

Kids Music Party Makers

Here are some of our favourite Playlists :

Kids Parties :

  1. TOP 100 Kids Disco Party Songs
  2. Elementary School Dance Mix
  3. Pop Party Mix

House Party

  1. Tropical House
  2. Summer Chill Mix 2018
  3. Deep House Mix

Hip Hop / R&B Party

  1. Hip Hop Dance
  2. 90’s Party
  3. R&B 2018

In case you still decide to trust your party music to professionals  – talk to our London Events Team.

Now get ready for your party 🙂

Have fun planning!


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