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YESSSS, we do love a GOOD PARTY:) And yes, as an event planning startup we happen to get involved in all sorts of events, parties and cool networking hangouts. One of the cliche ice-breakers, when you are standing in a crowd of strangers with a glass of bubbly, is “Are you enjoying the party? Having a good time?” Here’s when you can switch on your inside event planner and harvest some super valuable insights. And the WINNER of the top gossip topics is….. PARTY CATERING! So let’s dive into the topic of healthy bites, trendy menus and people-friendly flavours 🙂

Party Catering MISTAKES we often hear about.

1. Choosing WRONG flavours

We’ll start with an absolute vibe killer – SMELLY FOOD! It might be yummy and moreish, have a cultural twist or just be your grandma’s special recipe but if it gives your guests a dragon breath and makes the venue smell like your favourite Saturday night takeaway place, maybe you need to leave it for your night-in sofa date with Netflix.

Party Catering

#Lifehack: Stay safe with neutral flavours menus. It seems pretty obvious, and you would assume your event caterer will get you covered, but hey, there must be a reason why we still see onion infused mini Jalapeño burritos at a tech networking event… nothing personal our tech colleagues, just couldn’t help it.

2. Assuming everyone can comfortably handle a knife-and-fork dish at a standing reception

Party Catering

Do you feel the pain already? Yep, we are talking about that particular feeling when you’d rather stay hungry than embarrass yourself with your poor plate-glass-bag juggling skills. Been there, done it… Top it up with runny sauce, fluffy rice or steak dishes and your buffet is guaranteed not to run out of food throughout the event.

#Lifehack: Finger food is a new trend and an absolute party favourite. If you are not particularly familiar with catering terminology, finger food is something you can literally eat with your fingers, comfortably and in style:). By definition, it’s proper food, so it’s quite substantial in comparison to canapes or cocktail nibbles. Its small bites format make finger food easy to serve and more importantly super easy to eat even in the middle of that crucial deal-breaking conversation. Still try to keep it simple though, with neutral, classic flavours and minimal use of running sauces.
Another bonus – finger food can be easily served as a tray service, which means no queues or distraction from the event flow. No budget for that fancy tray service? Use static food stations distributed throughout the room – finger food is still easier to grab than a full plate of buffet dishes.

3. Underestimating the value of veg options

And trust us on that one, the last thing you want to see is the faces of annoyed hungry people who couldn’t find anything they can eat and start complaining to other guests instead of enjoying your inspiring event vibe. Bearing in mind veggies are hugely in trend now, you may want to take them seriously enough:)

#Lifehack: Avoid boring light options like cucumber or carrot sticks. Show some respect to your veggie lovers and look for a party catering team with a good vegetarian menu.

You might be surprised, but there are plenty of super cool substantial party food options – like green energy balls, falafels or mini veggie burgers.


4. Not checking on the amount of staff you will have at the event

When your bar has an endless queue and guests keep complaining about not getting any food anywhere near them it is probably way too late to shout at your catering team asking for more staff. You think “I’ll leave all these technicalities to the professionals”, the reality – your caterer may just not get it quite right. They may not always be familiar enough with your event format or your expectations of service speed and style.

#Lifehack: Simples! Just talk to your party catering team, run through the event flow in detail together and double check they understand your expectations. Being on the same page before the event will save your nerves and time on the day.

5. Going for a “Don’t really care” style menu

Having thousand other priorities on their mind, hosts sometimes leave the menu choice till the very last minute and end up going with whatever on the list. You can always feed your guests with ham and cheese sandwiches but what if we say there are plenty of more creative options out there – with event caterers offering the whole experiences instead of boring buffet stations.

Party Catering Food Station

#Lifehack: FOOD STATIONS! Another cool trend which you can easily incorporate in your event. Think of a variety of interactive stations like an increasingly popular avocado station or poke bowl food providing cool, healthy alternatives to usual party food and of course all-times-favourite tapas or sushi stations.



Party Catering - PartyMaker App


Take your event food choice seriously;)

Great party catering can boost the mood, generate a cool vibe and play a significant role in your events’ overall success. Be creative, choose a reliable, original catering supplier and create awesome event experiences for your guests!!!

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