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“I want to add some cool special features to my event. What can you recommend?”
“Can you suggest something interactive to match the theme?”
“Do you work with mixologists? What are the options for having a cocktail party?”

We’ve decided it’s high time to bring these top questions from our chat archives to the public!
And the top answer from our team will be MOBILE BAR! Well, you can also carry on with an endless list of other inspiring ideas, but considering a mobile bar hire for your event is definitely a good start;) So what’s so special about it and what’s all this fuss about?

Mobile Bar Concept – it’s not just a table with some drinks

Mobile bar – is an interactive experience highlighting the event’s style and creating that special vibe. It’s not only about what drink you serve to your guests, it’s HOW you do it;) With a cheeky smile, from a show-stopper bar counter or maybe asking them to get involved in a creative mixology process – you decide. Your event – your story! We can just point you in the right direction to get the best possible execution by experts of the mobile bar trade.

Mobile Bar

Glamorous Classics

You’ll probably never go wrong with bad boys like a disco ball bar, crystal bar or a mirrored look bar – to add that extra glamour to the event. Add a state of art cocktail list and you will impress your guests with grandeur and sophistication of an old school exquisite cocktail service.

Mobile Bar with disco ball

Rustic chic

A mix of that warm countryside feel and cold urban simplicity. Dress it up with cool crystal glassware and get it managed by a super professional bar team on a mission to impress with the best Old Fashioned in town and you have it all.

Mobile bar hireCocktail Box

G&T at its best

Have a proper Gin tasting experience – let your guests define their favourite note to celebrate the evening with their personal G&T cocktail or dive into the history of this authentic drink. Mix it, taste it, dress it – any way you like!


Mobile Bar - Gin
Jim And Tonic

Something totally different

Rock up and serve! A Land Rover Defender Baron Hector de Branne is exactly the one to match this concept. A fully equipped bar on super stylish wheels brought to you by the team of professional mixologists who can easily recreate a smoking hot trendy cocktail or that one special inspired by your childhood flavours! Undoubtedly, something to talk about for your guests during and after the event.

Or how about a bike or an awesome three-wheeled Piaggio Ape with flash-cooled (using liquid nitrogen) sparkling wine on-tap? Bubble heaven!!! Or a wine lovers special – Vin Van Voom – an awesome little silver Airstream wine bar that comes to you.

Mobile Bar Hire
Bubble Bros; Vin Van Voom; The43Club

For that extra special feature in a SHOW MUST GO ON! style have your drinks served by professional artist and expert mixologists from a bespoke Arts’ bar counter. Totally Va-va-voom !!!

Mobile Bar Hire
Art Bars

If the alcohol is not on your event’s menu, surprise, surprise – we still can pitch a mobile bar solution to you! A Smoothie Bar to follow a current healthy trend or a Strawberry bar to wow with a splash of red colour and that unbeatable strawberry flavour;)


Mobile Bar Hire

How to do it – mobile bar hire options

There are a few ways how you can book it :

  1. Open bar – all costs covered by you
  2. Cash bar – you get the bar for a minimum hire or delivery fee and your guests purchase drinks from the bar. You can also get if for free from some vendors if your event meets their minimum hours and numbers requirements.
  3. Voucher bar – your guests have a voucher for a drink or a few on you and buy the rest themselves.
  4. Dry hire – get the bar, provide your own drinks and staff


Turn your party into an interactive experience, boost your guests’ engagement by offering them to be a part of the process with mini cocktails workshop stations or fun tasting sets. Don’t be shy to ask your chosen bar supplier for a creative solution like dry ice, cool quirky glasses or even a small bar show.
Go that extra mile to make your event stand out;) Va-va-voom your guests!

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