Baby Shower Ideas from a Friend of a Mum-to-be

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By our guest blogger: Natasha Clive.

Phew! We did it!!! And I’m dying to share my hottest baby shower ideas.

2 months of planning, 3 “first-time baby shower hostesses”, 500 balloons, 50 mini-cupcakes, 27.5 happy guests (if you count our super cute frenchie puppy Archie) and million fab memories and emotions.

So if you have just been assigned a “baby shower planning guru”mission – DON’T PANIC!!!! You’ll have tons of things to do, including switching to plan B, C and D when your beloved mum-to-be decides to share her daily “new theming” ideas… but it is all so much FUN and you will simply LOVE it!!! We definitely did!

Disclaimer: I’ve never planned a baby shower before – in fact, I had to google it JWell, it is not such a common thing if you don’t have friends expecting babies. So I did my research…

Basically, baby shower is a great excuse to get together and celebrate the occasion with a mum-to-be  – take plenty of cute photos, bring useful gifts for the mum and the baby, meet new people and not so new, talk about babies, switch to girly gossip, then end up talking about babies again, forget about that healthy diet you were on for the last two months and indulge in yummy unicorn cupcakes …


Baby Shower Ideas and Planning Guide

  1. Baby shower planning essentials: date, time, place, guest list and co-hosts

Start with the basics, select a date (at least 4-6 weeks in advance) and decide on the time, place and who will run the planning part. We shared the honour between 3 of us  – just to make it easier with our hectic work schedules, plus more people – more creative ideasJ

Technically, we set up an event in PartyMaker app, included all the discussed details, assigned co-hosts and I volunteered to run a tasks list, which wasn’t that difficult as the app has reminders and task management features.

  1. Theme!!!

I don’t remember how many time we changed it …  Let’s just not go there 🙂 Somehow we all ended up with Unicorn Party Idea. Who said it’s boring?! Well, yesss, but if you add a bit of creativity and top it up with your own décor inventions you can get away pretty much with any theme. You only need it for your colour scheme and main décor elements really – so go wild with the rest!!!

  1. Invitations & the Gifts registry

We thought to print some first, but then we realised that guests were happy to RSVP via the app, so we just left it. Bonus, you don’t really need to make a guest list as the app creates it automatically. I hate excel spreadsheets, so it was win-win for me.

When we all were happy with the place for the gifts registry J  I simply added it to the event page in the app and shouted out in the event chat.

 Baby shower ideas

  1. Budget.

Traditionally a mum-to-be never pays for her baby show, so before starting the booking and buying process, it actually helps to discuss the budget with other close friends or family members who would like to participate.

  1. Location.

 And here you have a few options – hotels, restaurants, cafes or someone’s sweet home. As we have a gorgeous sunny terrace to play with at my friend’s house, we simply decided to do it there. We thought it also might be comfortable for our lovely guest of honour as there would be no need to travel anywhere.

  1. Discuss the menu and baby shower decorations. 

Baby shower decor ideasAfter discussing all the dietary preferences of our beloved friends and endless menu suggestions…. we just booked a chef.  🙂 You know, we didn’t regret it in the slightest – she was brilliant!!!! Yummy healthy finger food, cute canapes, homemade ice-cream and no cleaning duty afterwards as our Chef offered a full party package. Loved it.


The decor was my favourite part  – we’ve allocated some budget for a florist and a decorator, so all I needed to do was to confirm the colours and the rest was successfully orchestrated by the guys. I also couldn’t stop myself from hiring the cutest floral cupcakes and a flower wall to match… Super girly, I know, but everyone loved the pics so it was totally worth it!

We were not sure if we needed a cake too, but we ended up having one as someone mentioned it’s a tradition to have one… so why not 🙂


It seems like a lot of things to find and order but it actually took me just a few minutes to get it booked and paid via PartyMaker app.


  1. Party agenda

 The grand mission is to keep everyone entertained – so we went an extra mile  – and mixed our Unicorn party with a professional photoshoot experience – with fun props, makeup and hair. Girls being girls –  it was the Day when insta got spammed with top cuteness, featuring unicorns, selfies, our overexcited Frenchie and those “totally anti-diet” heavenly delicious mini cupcakes.


  1. Baby Shower Party favours


I will be honest, we totally forgot about party favours ( sooooo unprofessional for first time baby shower planners!!!) So my only advice here will be “Do not forget the party favours!” 🙂


That is probably it – it turned out to be an amazing day with lots of laughter, selfies and fun!!!! We all need that quality girly time with our besties just to let our hair down and be silly – even better when it also happens to be such a special occasion for one of your best friends.

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